Note: Trucking companies can make the registration from the website. Registration Button is available in the header section.

User registration can be done through "MajorPull User App" available on

How It Works

MajorPull - Make an easy way to your destination with the best trucking logistics app

We feel proud that we help our users on their way to start a new journey at a new place or help users shifting heavy materials with ease and comfort. Our platform connects the best trucking logistics companies and potential users. Helping truck process agents of America to reach out a larger niche audience and offer the prominent services more effectively.

Truck transport companies can register themselves through our logistics websites. Users can easily locate the nearby trucks depending on their load capabilities. Once gets linked up the truck driver navigate its way to user’s location and picks the load to the destination.


Register with the MajorPull app, select pick up and destination location. The user gets in touch with the nearby truck transport company and selects a truck based on load type.

fLEET Owner

Trucking logistics companies or businesses can register their surface services with the website by filling the basic information and can reach the vast user-base. Companies can find the registration button in the header section.


Individual truck transport drivers can login with the app. Once get selected by the customer, they get customer's information like pickup and destination location, along with the contact information.

About Us

MajorPull Trucking App is here to help the customers to have fast and reliable transport experiences while cutting the middleman fees completely out! MajorPull Trucking App lets you work directly with the truck transport companies and allows you to negotiate your own price and ensures an outstanding service to “All” of your transporting needs.

Connecting various truck transport companies and individual truck owners to the huge customer base through a common digital platform is a win-win solution for both. MajorPull Trucking App helps freight transportation services to gain quick visibility to their customers. While app surely eases the customers' task by providing cost-efficient services with a user-friendly interface.

Special Note: Trucking Companies directly negotiate with the customers once they are connected. No middleman fees are charged from either side by MajorPull.

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