How It Works

Freight Transportation Services

MajorPull brings trucking companies and customers into one big picture where the US logistics trucking can register their services to MajorPull through the website portal. The trucking companies provide the information including Dot number, Mc number, insurance, and personal information to register them with the MajorPull.

The customers’ will need to download the MajorPull mobile application for start leveraging the services. Customers’ are required to Sign up with their Email ID and contact number. Once they are signed up with the MajorPull app they are free to explore the diverse features of the application.

The customer can choose the starting location and destination to get the availability of the logistic trucks. The truckers will respond directly to your inquiry and will navigate their route to your location. Customers can track their load starting from the pickup location to drop location with the help of our effective and efficient inbuilt GPS system.

At MajorPull Trucking App, we aim to help our customers to save up their precious time and money by providing the smoothest truck and transportation services. We assure the reliable and experienced service providers for offering high-quality services at an affordable price.

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